6. Export channel configuration for a server


The request URL for exporting the channel configuration for a server has the following form:

/channels/by-server/<server ID>/export

The <server ID> has to be replaced by the UUID associated with the respective server. The request must use the GET method.


The response is a JSON object with the with the following members:

Field nameInternal data typeJSON data typeDescription
configurationFilearray of bytestring Base64 (RFC 4648) encoded contents of the exported configuration file

If there is a general problem while processing the request (e.g. the database is currently unavailable), HTTP error code 503 (service unavailable) is returned and the errorMessage is set in the response. If the specified server does not exist, HTTP error code 404 (not found) is returned and the response body is invalid.



GET /admin/api/1.0/channels/by-server/7cf8f393-cd00-46ae-9343-53e9cb5793fd/export


  "configurationFile": "PD94bWwgdmVy... (shortened for this example)"