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End of life notice

This plugin is not actively maintained any longer and does not work with recent versions of SCM manager. However, there is a fork on GitHub that seems to be maintained actively. aquenos has not tested this forked version and does not assume any kind of responsibility or liability for it whatsoever.

About scm-ssh-plugin

The SSH Plugin for SCM Manager enables SSH access to Git repositories managed within SCM Manager. This is useful for applications which do not support Git over HTTP (e.g. SparkleShare version 0.9.7) or scenarios where authentication using public keys is preferred over password authentication.


Setting up the SSH plugin is quite simple. Just download the plugin file and add it using plugin manager in the SCM administrative web-interface.

After restarting SCM manager, you can configure the SSH plugin in the general configuration panel of SCM. The SSH keys accepted for a specific user can be configured by the administrator in the user panel or by the respective user herself using the "Edit my SSH Keys" menu item.

For connecting to a Git repository over SSH, use a URL like ssh://<username>@<server>:<port>/git/<repository>. The port is optional, if the SSH server is running on port 22. However, for most operating systems binding to ports below 1024 requires special privileges, so you might need to setup the Java servlet container in a special way, if you want to use the standard port. By default the SSH plugin uses port 8022.

If you run the SSH plugin in parallel to another SSH daemon and use the same IP address or hostname for connections, you should make sure that the same SSH host keys are used. Otherwise the SSH client will complain about mismatching host keys.


This program and the accompanying materials are made available under the terms of the Eclipse Public License. By downloading the software you agree to be bound the the terms of this license.

The scm-ssh-plugin uses the SSH server implementation from the Apache Mina project.

Release 1.0.0 (November 14th, 2012):
First public release of scm-ssh-plugin, intended for use with SCM Manager release 1.22.


You can contact the author of this software, Sebastian Marsching, at scm-ssh-plugin-maintainer removethis <at> oss <dot> aquenos <dot> com.

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