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Cassandra PV Archiver

The Cassandra PV Archiver is a scalable solution for archiving process variables of SCADA systems into an Apache Cassandra database. It includes support for EPICS-based control systems, but can easily be extended to support other control-system frameworks. Compared to traditional archiving solutions that are based on relational database management systems, the Cassandra PV Archiver offers outstanding performance and scalability. [Learn more]

JSON Archive Proxy for Control System Studio

The archive proxy consists of two components: The JSON archive server can expose any archive reader via a simple protocol based on HTTP and JSON. The JSON archive reader in turn connects to an instance of the JSON archive server and makes its archives available in CSS. With this tools the deployment of complex archive setups can be simplified dramatically. [Learn more]

Simple Authentication & Authorization for Control System Studio

The Simple Authentication and Authorization Support for Control System Studio is a set of two plugins for CSS. One of the plugins provides a simple login module, reading valid username/password combinations from the preferences. The other plugin provides an authority, that reads the rights assigned to specific users from its preferences. Together, both provide a simple way of assigning rights to users in an environment, where security is not a main goal and logins are only used for avoiding accidental actions. [Learn more]

EPICS Jackie - Channel Access Library for Java

EPICS Jackie is a pure Java implementation of the Channel Access protocol used by EPICS. EPICS Jackie has been designed with its focus on both performance and ease of use in mind. It is fully compatible with other implementations of the Channel Access protocol and runs on Java 6 and newer. [Learn more]

s7nodave for EPICS

s7nodave for EPICS is a device support based on Asyn that communicates with S7 (or compatible) PLCs. Unlike other EPICS device supports for the S7 PLCs, this device support does not require any special programming on the PLC side. Instead, the EPICS records just specify the memory address in the PLC and the device support uses the ISO-TCP protocol supported by most S7 PLCs in order to read or write the channel data. [Learn more]

SSH Plugin for SCM Manager

The SSH plugin for SCM Manager provides a 100 % pure Java implementation for accessing Git repositories managed in SCM Manager using SSH. It allows to use password as well as public key authentication for SSH. [Learn more]

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