8. Get the cluster status


The request URL for retrieving the cluster status has the following form:


The request must use the GET method.


The response is a JSON object with the servers attribute as its only member. The servers attribute has an array as its value that contains an element for each server in the cluster. Each of these elements is an object with the following attributes:

Field nameInternal data typeJSON data typeDescription
lastOnlineTimelongstring last time the server successfully registered itself with the cluster. The time is specified as the number of milliseconds since January 1st, 1970, 00:00:00 UTC.
onlinebooleanboolean flag indicating whether the server is considered online. The server is considered online when it has recently renewed its registration.
serverIdUUIDstring ID of the server.
serverNamestringstring human-readable name of the server. Typically, this is the hostname of the server.

If the cluster status is currently not available, HTTP error code 503 (service unavailable) is returned and the response body is invalid.



GET /cluster-status/


  "servers": [
      "lastOnlineTime": "1490634430220",
      "online": true,
      "serverId": "7cf8f393-cd00-46ae-9343-53e9cb5793fd",
      "serverName": "myserver"
      "lastOnlineTime": "1490634432760",
      "online": true,
      "serverId": "6fc4efe0-ea4a-438e-9b0a-b5e5654cbed9",
      "serverName": "otherserver"
      "lastOnlineTime": "1490631012050",
      "online": false,
      "serverId": "8c6959e2-0388-4854-8ebf-88a752375962",
      "serverName": "thirdserver"