Cassandra PV Archiver Reference Manual

Version 3.2.1

Sebastian Marsching

aquenos GmbH

Table of Contents
I. Overview of Cassandra PV Archiver
1. Architecture
2. Data storage
3. Decimated samples
4. Scalability and limitations
II. What’s new in Cassandra PV Archiver 3.x
1. Cassandra PV Archiver 3.0
2. Cassandra PV Archiver 3.1
3. Cassandra PV Archiver 3.2
III. Cassandra PV Archiver server
1. Prerequisites
2. Installation
3. Server configuration
4. Administrative user interface
5. Troubleshooting
IV. Cassandra PV Archiver clients
1. Control System Studio
2. Other clients
V. Extending Cassandra PV Archiver
1. Adding a control-system support
A. CQL table layout
1. Table channels
B. JSON archive access protocol 1.0
1. Requesting the list of available archives
2. Searching for channels
3. Retrieving samples for a channel
C. Administrative API
1. General considerations
2. List all channels
3. List channels for a server
4. Inspect a single channel
5. Import channel configuration for a server
6. Export channel configuration for a server
7. Run archive configuration commands
8. Get the cluster status
9. Get the server status
D. Channel Access control-system support
1. Configuration
2. Decimated samples
3. CQL table layout
List of Figures
I.1. Cassandra PV Archiver architecture
I.2. Division of samples into sample buckets
I.3. Mapping of raw samples to decimated samples
I.4. Sample generation for cascaded decimation levels
III.1. Administrative UI navigation bar (full screen size)
III.2. Administrative UI navigation bar (small screens)
III.3. Changing the password
III.4. Add channel view
IV.1. CSS Data Browser options in the preferences tree
IV.2. CSS Data Browser archive data server URLs
IV.3. CSS Data Browser default archive data sources
IV.4. CSS Data Browser perspective
List of Tables
A.1. Cassandra PV Archiver CQL tables
A.2. Columns of table channels
D.1. Columns of table channels_access_samples
D.2. Fields of the user-defined types
D.3. Type of UDT fields
D.4. Java types corresponding to blobs storing sample values